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101 Fun & Necessary Things To Do When You Have To Stay At Home (COVID-19 Edition)

Bored in the house and in the house bored?

Here are several ways to have fun and make great use out of your time at home:


Before we get into the list of 101 fun and/or necessary things to do at home when you are bored, I want to preface this by saying that no matter what you choose to do to get out of your funk, you MUST accomplish one or more of these three things...


Don't be scared. Trying new things can be uncomfortable, as you are venturing out of your comfort zone..but it also can be Exciting! Take this time to choose something from this list that you wouldn't normally do. Be spontaneous.


We've all been there with starting something and maybe not finishing it the best we could have or just not finishing at all. Take this extra time to revisit a project or assignment that could use some more work. Get it done and take it off your plate.


This is the most important. Whether this means finding yourself, your purpose and passion, living in your truth, or making it a point to have a more positive and open mindset...bettering yourself in some way IS making optimal use of your time. Make it a point to be more honest or to not curse as much, read more, exercise more, or cut out sugars...whatever it is for you to be better and feel happy you should do it!

Design, Arts & Crafts!

Release your inner Arr-teest (artist lol). Get creative and enjoy yourself!


Draw, paint, sketch. You can paint a family portrait or draw a picture of the scenery outside your window. Enter an online drawing contest or play pictionary (a game that involves people guessing a word or phrase by looking at your drawing).


Sculpt, craft, build. You can wood-work and build a doll house or maybe order a pottery making set and mold clay into a vase or flower pot. You can create little ornaments to be used on a Christmas tree (if you make them during a pandemic you can call them Quarnaments (quarantine-ornaments)).


Crochet, knit, sew, design. You can design a new outfit, add ruffles to a shirt, stitch a blanket, or make oven mitts for someone as a gift. Click for crochet pattern and ideas for beginners!


DIY (do it yourself) crafts- you've seen those videos where a soda can suddenly becomes a cell phone case... well I wouldn't choose to do that one, but you know what I mean. Browse online, or check out the hashtag #DYI on Instagram and see what comes up.

You're A Photographer Or Videographer Now!

Whether it is with a fancy digital camera or on your phone, taking pictures can be fun, creative, and a way to capture memories on film. You can also record videos to post on a popular online platform, for example, YouTube.


Capture nature while you go for your daily walk. I like to take pictures of flowers! See all of the wildlife thriving. It will give you the sense that life is not over because of a pandemic and there is still beauty around us. You can also photograph family or yourself! #selfie One idea would be to make a photo album, collage, or a creative scrapbook with pictures and small miscellaneous art pieces.


Maybe you can document your life in quarantine or document how the Earth is healing since less people are outside polluting. There are plenty of interesting ideas, so go for it!


Vlogs are very popular and since you have more time on your hands, starting one can be something fun that turns into a small source of income. You can publish video diaries, give weekly advice to people, make funny videos, and much more!

Start A Health & Fitness Routine!

Yes, you are home all day now, and you are just feet away from the refrigerator...But stay away! Don't look into the light! Rather than overload on snacking, take this time to eat healthy options and either start or amp up your exercise regime.


Get moving by jogging a couple miles outside 3-5 days a week or doing online exercise classes. There are free videos on YouTube with yoga, pilates, zumba, HIIT (high intensity interval training), and more! And don't worry, you don't have to be a fitness expert to participate. Find a video for your fitness level. If the classes aren't your thing try taking a walk each morning or evening for 30 minutes to an hour, and make small changes like using the steps instead of an elevator or doing 25 squats during each video ad or TV commercial.


Take on Challenges like a 14-day fast, 30-day abs, keto diet or flexibility challenge (etc). There are awesome challenges online to try and some even posted on our Challenges & Fasts page!


Brush your %$&#@!^ teeth! Have a regular dental hygiene routine to include brushing, flossing, and mouthwash/rinsing, but also maybe whitening. Convenience stores/Pharmacies sell affordable whitening kits. You could also invest in your smile by purchasing clear aligners that can be shipped to your home. Smile Direct Club is a great choice! Click for a Discount!

Also make essential trips to the grocery store for fresh produce. Don't skimp on your veggies and try to prep meals for the week especially if you've decided to start a weight loss journey.

Cook It Up Chef!

You've gotta eat right? Well try to make it exciting by cooking something delicious at home.


Get out your cookbook or test out a recipe you found online that looks like an absolutely mouth watering dish. My tummy is growling just typing this. There are hundreds of thousands of free recipes online. This could be time to enhance your palate and learn new culinary skills.


A lot of us have been there, when you come home from a night out and are so hungry... somehow you make a brand new recipe with random foods you are craving, but never really thought of combining them before. Then voila! You have a master creation of deliciousness. Try to create something both fun and tasty that you can enjoy and share with others!


Mmmmm cookies, cakes, pies, brownies, my sweet tooth can rival the best of them. If you are a sugar lover like me, you've indulged in your fair share of baked goods. You have to stay at home right now, so maybe you become the new Betty Crocker. Bake a Happy Birthday cake or a batch of brownies for the family. You could bake cookies and delivery them to your neighbors' doorsteps as a kind gesture.


Cooking Competitions! You've seen the cooking shows, Hell's Kitchen, Baking Championship, Chopped. Have fun and reenact one of those shows at home. Have a cooking competition with family or friends you are quarantined with. There can be a judge (taste tester) and the chefs. Wonder what the prize will be for having the best dish!

Cocktail Hour!

Bring the bar home.


You can't go out to a bar or club right now so create your own at home. Look up virtual happy hours and you'll find loads of companies hosting them. You can meet new people, and enjoy a little buzz...and if you have one too many and end up slurring your words by the end of the event, no worries. Just power off your device and pass out on the couch. You're already home!


Try making a popular drink at home using an online cocktail recipe. Create your own concoction. Your drinks won't be watered down because you're the one pouring. Create fun and colorful cocktails that are fruity, strong, or sour. Cheers!