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Hi, I Am Courtney Camille & I Am On My Own Self-Evolution Journey!

"I am excited to be able to share a bit about myself and IRunMe! I first developed this site as my relief and creative outlet. It was initially a way to both document and help myself through a personal self-betterment journey. The platform has manifested so beautifully to serve today as a powerful motivational epicenter, promoting self-betterment and self-healing for others.



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Want to volunteer, join a group walk, or participate in a 5k run to raise money for cancer research?

"As a part of your Self-Evolution, find a good cause you are passionate about. It doesn't have to take much of your time or money to shine your inner light and give love and support to those who need it."




CoCa Quotes!


"I encourage you to commit to self-evolution! Do not stay stuck in despair or toxicity. Use your power to love yourself so that you can successfully love others and give back. Be great and do something great! Every person on this planet is capable of that, no matter what your background or circumstance may be."



Start A Weight loss Journey

Implement Boundaries

Strengthen Relationships

Recover From Toxic Connections 

Boost Self-Esteem

Set Personal Goals


 I.RUN.METhanks You! 
We work to help people recognize their value, recover from trauma, and embrace their power to self- evolve. Your support makes this mission all the more meaningful.
"It is not about perfection, it is about progression.  I.Run.Me. Self-Evolution was created to help, inspire, and encourage others to either start or continue their own personal self-evolution journey. Use this site for self-love tips and practices, inspirational guidance, and tools to overcome life's obstacles like a champion all while transforming into the best you that you can be! The waiting and procrastinating is over! Be fair to yourself. Fill yourself with love, happiness, strength, passion, respect, and wisdom NOW! It is time to take control of You. Get your life back or just start a whole new one that is reinvigorating and even better than the last. You are NOT alone in your pursuits. We are right here with you!"       

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