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Change Your Surroundings To Relieve Stress & Uplift Your Spirit

Sometimes the same ole can be so mundane and make you feel restless and bored. For most of us packing everything up and suddenly moving to a far away and exotic land is not exactly realistic. So...the next best thing is to make changes within your home. For new scenery, try rearranging your surroundings and cleaning out your home in order to give yourself mental peace and happiness.

When your home is filled with clutter and disarray, your mind can easily have the same clutter in the form of racing thoughts, confusion, and anxiety. It is a great idea to have organization in your home and make small changes each season...And you do not need loads of money either. Rearrange furniture or decor (photos and decorative items) to create a new vibe in your home. The less is more concept is also fantastic! As you accumulate more things, you should be getting rid of older items that you have no use for anymore. Only keep in your home what you need, what is aesthetically pleasing, what has sentimental value, and what is useful. If it has been a year and you have not worn it or put it to use, it has to go!

Have you ever heard of Spring Cleaning? You know... the concept of thoroughly cleaning out a home or space, usually right before or during the springtime, for a fresh start to the new year. Well...I am here to tell you that the concept does not have to apply just to the springtime. Cleaning out spaces throughout the year is an excellent way to bring you peace of mind and even relieve stress!

Try out the 5 Category-Plan Below!

Keep, Throw away, Stow away, Donate, or Sell





Do a scan of everything in each room or area in your home and ask yourself, "have I used this more than once in the last 5 months?" If the answer is yes, then that item is most likely a"keep it". If the answer is no, then decide if the item is a "throw away" item, "stow away" item, or if it is something you can donate or sell. Items like family heirlooms or expensive furniture are not items you scan seasonally to determine if they should go. Take a look at the list of appropriate items that should be deemed as one of five categories each season.

1.) Clothes/Shoes

I have to tell you, this is the hardest for me. Fashion is complicated because often clothing items go in and out of style... so you tell yourself that if you keep it that you may be able to wear it again in a couple years lol. Well that is how you become a borderline hoarder. You could start a clothing business with all of the old clothes you have! (hey, there's an idea). Trust me, you are more likely to buy new clothes anyway so why not pass along the ones you have not worn for months or even years. If you look at an article of clothing and think one of the following, my suggestion is to be strong and give yourself a little honesty:

"If I lose like 15-20 pounds then I can fit these again."

Lovely, if you do lose weight that is amazing BUT there is no telling what your body will be like in a few months. Donate or sell.

"There is a little hole in this, but I am going to sew it up and then I can wear it."

Uhhh, if you have not sown it by now, it is probably not happening any time soon. Throw away or, if the quality of the fabric is still good, you can donate it to a seamstress.

I might want to have another baby so I should keep all of these baby clothes just in case."

Aww, maybe you will have another baby, but maybe your 1st was a boy and then you have a girl or maybe baby #1 was 6 lbs and baby #2 comes out as a Whopper that grows at rapid pace! You don't know. Maybe stow away cribs or strollers if you have concrete plans for another child... but with clothes, the best bet is to give to your friends or relatives or donate to moms who cannot afford baby clothes.




2.) Small Appliances/Devices

Sooo... you have been telling yourself you will start juicing for months now, but that has not happened and Mr. Omega Juicer is just sitting in the pantry. Maybe it is time to sell or give the appliance to someone else who will put that thing to use. The same goes with blenders, microwaves, TV's, tablets, etc. Be honest about if you actually use these items OR if you have decided to upgrade, consider selling or donating appliances and devices still in decent condition. There are plenty of underprivileged people who would love to make use of some of those gadgets.

3.) Kitchen Items

That is right, the silverware, plates, and cups can't stay forever! Some households like to have seasonal kitchenware sets. In my opinion, it is not necessary to have more than one or two. If you have two, It should be a warmer weather (spring/summer) set and a cooler weather (fall, winter) set. Stow or store the set not in use and when you want to replace a set always sell, donate, or throw away the old one (depending on condition) before buying new.




4.) Toys/Games

This may be an easy one for most adults, but kids will want to keep all their toys. They could never use them but then if mom says it has to go suddenly that is their favorite toy and they still want it lol. Despite the kicking and screaming, some things must go. Consider it a life lesson for your mini-you. The absolute best category for this one is donate. Holiday Toy Drives baby! Putting a smile on someone's face does not have to cost additional money or an excessive amount of time. Simply give unused and quality toys to children who would not have any Christmas presents otherwise.

5.) Books/Movies

It is okay to have collectibles, but not every movie or book is a collectible. If you are unsure of what to keep or get rid off, use this list to help you:

KEEP books and movies...

-That come in a series (meaning there are more than one like Star Wars or Harry Potter)

-Are "classics" (like The Godfather) or are valuable antiques

-Are self-help or spiritual/religious

-Are your absolute favorites (meaning books and movies you could read and watch again and again throughout the years and not be tired of them)

-Have important messages you want you children to read/see

-Have been in the family for years or have sentimental value to you

-Have been signed by a role model or famous celebrity

Anything else...sell, donate or throw away.

O h h Y e a a h h!

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