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101 Fun & Necessary Things To Do When You Have To Stay At Home (COVID-19 Edition)

Bored in the house and in the house bored?

Here are several ways to have fun and make great use out of your time at home:


Before we get into the list of 101 fun and/or necessary things to do at home when you are bored, I want to preface this by saying that no matter what you choose to do to get out of your funk, you MUST accomplish one or more of these three things...


Don't be scared. Trying new things can be uncomfortable, as you are venturing out of your comfort zone..but it also can be Exciting! Take this time to choose something from this list that you wouldn't normally do. Be spontaneous.


We've all been there with starting something and maybe not finishing it the best we could have or just not finishing at all. Take this extra time to revisit a project or assignment that could use some more work. Get it done and take it off your plate.


This is the most important. Whether this means finding yourself, your purpose and passion, living in your truth, or making it a point to have a more positive and open mindset...bettering yourself in some way IS making optimal use of your time. Make it a point to be more honest or to not curse as much, read more, exercise more, or cut out sugars...whatever it is for you to be better and feel happy you should do it!

Design, Arts & Crafts!

Release your inner Arr-teest (artist lol). Get creative and enjoy yourself!


Draw, paint, sketch. You can paint a family portrait or draw a picture of the scenery outside your window. Enter an online drawing contest or play pictionary (a game that involves people guessing a word or phrase by looking at your drawing).


Sculpt, craft, build. You can wood-work and build a doll house or maybe order a pottery making set and mold clay into a vase or flower pot. You can create little ornaments to be used on a Christmas tree (if you make them during a pandemic you can call them Quarnaments (quarantine-ornaments)).


Crochet, knit, sew, design. You can design a new outfit, add ruffles to a shirt, stitch a blanket, or make oven mitts for someone as a gift. Click for crochet pattern and ideas for beginners!


DIY (do it yourself) crafts- you've seen those videos where a soda can suddenly becomes a cell phone case... well I wouldn't choose to do that one, but you know what I mean. Browse online, or check out the hashtag #DYI on Instagram and see what comes up.

You're A Photographer Or Videographer Now!

Whether it is with a fancy digital camera or on your phone, taking pictures can be fun, creative, and a way to capture memories on film. You can also record videos to post on a popular online platform, for example, YouTube.


Capture nature while you go for your daily walk. I like to take pictures of flowers! See all of the wildlife thriving. It will give you the sense that life is not over because of a pandemic and there is still beauty around us. You can also photograph family or yourself! #selfie One idea would be to make a photo album, collage, or a creative scrapbook with pictures and small miscellaneous art pieces.


Maybe you can document your life in quarantine or document how the Earth is healing since less people are outside polluting. There are plenty of interesting ideas, so go for it!


Vlogs are very popular and since you have more time on your hands, starting one can be something fun that turns into a small source of income. You can publish video diaries, give weekly advice to people, make funny videos, and much more!

Start A Health & Fitness Routine!

Yes, you are home all day now, and you are just feet away from the refrigerator...But stay away! Don't look into the light! Rather than overload on snacking, take this time to eat healthy options and either start or amp up your exercise regime.


Get moving by jogging a couple miles outside 3-5 days a week or doing online exercise classes. There are free videos on YouTube with yoga, pilates, zumba, HIIT (high intensity interval training), and more! And don't worry, you don't have to be a fitness expert to participate. Find a video for your fitness level. If the classes aren't your thing try taking a walk each morning or evening for 30 minutes to an hour, and make small changes like using the steps instead of an elevator or doing 25 squats during each video ad or TV commercial.


Take on Challenges like a 14-day fast, 30-day abs, keto diet or flexibility challenge (etc). There are awesome challenges online to try and some even posted on our Challenges & Fasts page!


Brush your %$&#@!^ teeth! Have a regular dental hygiene routine to include brushing, flossing, and mouthwash/rinsing, but also maybe whitening. Convenience stores/Pharmacies sell affordable whitening kits. You could also invest in your smile by purchasing clear aligners that can be shipped to your home. Smile Direct Club is a great choice! Click for a Discount!

Also make essential trips to the grocery store for fresh produce. Don't skimp on your veggies and try to prep meals for the week especially if you've decided to start a weight loss journey.

Cook It Up Chef!

You've gotta eat right? Well try to make it exciting by cooking something delicious at home.


Get out your cookbook or test out a recipe you found online that looks like an absolutely mouth watering dish. My tummy is growling just typing this. There are hundreds of thousands of free recipes online. This could be time to enhance your palate and learn new culinary skills.


A lot of us have been there, when you come home from a night out and are so hungry... somehow you make a brand new recipe with random foods you are craving, but never really thought of combining them before. Then voila! You have a master creation of deliciousness. Try to create something both fun and tasty that you can enjoy and share with others!


Mmmmm cookies, cakes, pies, brownies, my sweet tooth can rival the best of them. If you are a sugar lover like me, you've indulged in your fair share of baked goods. You have to stay at home right now, so maybe you become the new Betty Crocker. Bake a Happy Birthday cake or a batch of brownies for the family. You could bake cookies and delivery them to your neighbors' doorsteps as a kind gesture.


Cooking Competitions! You've seen the cooking shows, Hell's Kitchen, Baking Championship, Chopped. Have fun and reenact one of those shows at home. Have a cooking competition with family or friends you are quarantined with. There can be a judge (taste tester) and the chefs. Wonder what the prize will be for having the best dish!

Cocktail Hour!

Bring the bar home.


You can't go out to a bar or club right now so create your own at home. Look up virtual happy hours and you'll find loads of companies hosting them. You can meet new people, and enjoy a little buzz...and if you have one too many and end up slurring your words by the end of the event, no worries. Just power off your device and pass out on the couch. You're already home!


Try making a popular drink at home using an online cocktail recipe. Create your own concoction. Your drinks won't be watered down because you're the one pouring. Create fun and colorful cocktails that are fruity, strong, or sour. Cheers!

Job Search!

Unfortunately many people are out of work right now. If you are one of them, remember to file for unemployment benefits. In the meantime, because unemployment can take a long time and also be much less than what you'd need, you can search for new work that is either deemed as "essential" or that you can do virtually.


Even if you were not laid off or position furloughed you can still start a new job or a side job. Snag something quick and easy just to keep money coming in. Supply Distribution Companies, Banks, Grocery Stores, and Super Stores hire year-round. You could apply to a place like Amazon, Capital One, Target, or Safeway to be a delivery driver, teller, cashier, stock person. Job apps are great for job searching. Try Indeed, Google Jobs, Glassdoor, ZipRecruiter, or LinkedIn. Jobs apps that employees use to work are ideal if you need flexible work hours or part time work. Some examples are UBER, Grubhub, Postmates, Instacart.


Things have been quite different to say the least. You don't want to end up a certain creek with no paddle. Times are uncertain, but consider what work/ life may look like for you later down the line once stay-at-home orders are lifted. Things are "okay" right now, but maybe you need to consider switching to a new line of work that would put you in an even better position.

Work From Home!

Our world has become more virtual over time. Now that COVID-19 happened, and our great economy has taken a huge hit, the virtual realm will continue expanding. If you are a bit behind in all that the web has to offer, use your down time to learn new ways of working virtually from the comfort and security of your own home.


If you are a fortunate one who is employed right now, you might be working from home. If you have a business or work for a company in a sales related position (which is many of us since businesses thrive on sales), you can use e-tools to put more money in your pocket or simply lock in your job security. If you help a company bring in the Mula they are more likely to want to keep you around. Try email marketing, social media marketing, e-campaign software, Microsoft Office, Adobe Products (to share documents (PDF) and more) just to name a few. These tools will help you work easily and more efficiently.


Facilitating or attending a virtual class or training session for work has all the benefits of a real classroom, but allows you to teach or learn from the comfort of your own home. Try Zoom or Microsoft Teams to host virtual audio and/or video meetings and conferences with multiple people. Additional features include sharing your screen, quick invite, record a meeting, add a virtual background, chatbox feature, and mute yourself/others options.


You were thinking of starting your business for a while now so why not now! You have the time to follow your passion and implement the foundation for a great business. Start with a solid plan of action that includes production & manufacturing, sales & marketing strategies, AND budgeting & financials. If you already have a business, make staying at home a period to create a stronger social media presence, create more web content, develop a program, or expand your online audience to generate leads and boost sales.

Social Media Magic!

social media magic


"You've got a friend in me!" Friends are great to have when you need someone to talk to or to have a laugh with. You may not be able to spend much time in person with friends when you're at a distance...or have to practice social connect with people on social media, on friends-making apps, or through activities that local businesses are hosting online. You can interact with old friends while also making new ones who you share common interests with.


Being active and engaging with others on social media can really take some time out of your day, especially if you engage in a debate or a long, interesting, and maybe questionable, back and forth with someone. Share your favorite videos on Facebook and LinkedIn, or subscribe to a new channel on YouTube. There are millions of topics to browse. Find a YouTuber who gives you that dose of entertainment and positive energy you need!


HASHTAG CHALLENGE! Seems like every couple weeks there is a new fun challenge. Popular challenges (in 2020) are the Savage challenge (to song by Megan Thee Stallion) or the Toosie Slide challenge (to song by Drake). There's a wave of people signing up for TikTok to create videos. Use apps to make cool singing, dancing, beauty, or comedic videos.

Music, Song, & Dance!

Stream your favorite music. Music is a master healer and a master of unifying people.


Practice your craft to enhance your talent, to make money, or to just be more musical as a hobby. You can take virtual vocal coaching or music lessons to play a guitar, flute, drums, piano, or more. Maybe you can learn how to play a new instrument entirely or learn a new style of singing that gives your voice more range.


Up for a karaoke sesh? I recommend a selection from Prince. Maybe a little "When Doves Cry"? Is it me, or are the 70's and 80's rock, pop, and r&b music the Best choices for karaoke? I am young with a little old school taste in music when it comes to karaoke I guess. (Can't go wrong with the singing groups and r&b soloists of the 99's& the 2000's either though). Try out a karaoke app or simply connect with people through online video. You can have a karaoke night with friends or new acquaintances. Bring a drink!


My little songbird, don't restrict yourself to soul or opera in the shower. Take it to the at-home studio that is...or maybe just in your room on your phone....hehe. Record your rapping skills or angelic pipes and share them online to inspire or entertain. Have fun with it! Have a band jam session! You could also produce music, to create a sound people will love and gravitate to...or, to hell with it, just create what you like. Make a video of you in your kitchen with pots and pans as instruments. Maybe the song with be catchy and you'll have a viral video on your hands. For audio-only recordings on your phone, try the free VoiceRecorderPro app.


Many artists are performing on Instagram or Facebook Live right now. I watched a gospel mini concert on IG Live and it was great! It felt personal, like Keke Wyatt was singing to me right in my living room. Other popular artists like Teddy Riley, Babyface, Erykah Badu, H.E.R, and others participated in live concerts performed on social media. Look online for your favorite singers or musicians doing what they do, live action, in real time!


Get into the groove hunny! If you are a dancer, practice dance at home and maybe come up with your own choreography. For those looking to dance for fun, start a dance hobby like ballroom dancing or belly dancing. Get your friends or family members together and come up with a dance routine or have a dance battle. This could be completely hilarious or turn into a legitimate virtual club. Whatever happens I am sure it will be entertaining and memorable.."hey, remember when we made that quarantine dance routine??" Good times.

Sports, Sports, Sports!

You probably can't play any sports the regular way with groups of people right now, but...


NBA, The Olympics, Baseball...all on pause due to the "rona" but don't let that stop you from enjoying sports. Stream the classic sports moments and old games, like Michael Jordan games or famous rivalry games. Watch school or college video of you or a family member playing. Watch clips of your favorite players, like Kobe on YouTube. ESPN is still broadcasting and keeping people up-to-date on sports news. Don't miss out! Stephen A is something else smh lol!

31---GET OUT AND PLAY (safely)

Yes, there are stay at-home orders in place, but that does not mean you can never go outside...Just no meetings or congregating in public. Still go out for your athletic activity. Go ride your bike or skate. Throwing a football or kicking the soccer ball around in the yard or even shooting some basketball in the driveway for practice and/or exercise is a great idea! If you don't have a yard, go to a secluded park, field, or court by yourself or with a friend to get your sports fix.

Spend A Little!

Time to shop. Some businesses have slowed down but if you can afford it, you should shop to keep our economy alive. I know some of you are getting stimulus checks so use them wisely on items you'll get a lot out of.


You can simply replenish the household essentials (and do not hoard or stockpile items por favor) or you can buy clothes to freshen up your wardrobe. Plenty of things you can shop for so check out the host of amazing online business for products you want or need. (quick tip: shop American products, shop from mom&pop stores, and black-owned businesses).

Become A Plant Mom!

No kids, no pets? Get a plant. That has got to be a sitcom line in existence somewhere.


Plant babiesss! I love them. Beautiful and low maintenance. Bring some life into your home by planting a few seeds. You can also purchase full, adult plants to repot and care for at home. Have a little decorative garden or grow your own fresh fruits and veggies. Yummm.


Start a landscaping project to bring a lively aesthetic to your home. Think of incorporating shrub beds or trees that will grow into towering full-leafed trees to add brilliance and a touch of privacy to your home. Check out a few great ( & easy to do) landscaping project ideas here.


Herbology is the study of herbs and their medicinal properties. Learn some more about common plants that have incredible health benefits you had no idea about. Make your own at-home special herbal tea or topical skin treatment using your newfound knowledge.

Quarantine Spirituality & Science!

Time to get a little experimental! There are some really fascinating science experiments that are also safe and easy to do.


At this moment I am humming the theme song to Bill Nye The Science Guy...Classic. Science experiments are soooo fun, even for people, like me, who aren't 12. Check out these hyperlinks for fun at-home science experiments for kids (ages 2 to 100 lol) and edgier ones for adults.


Learn more about astrology, what's your sign, what do different planetary alignments mean. Whether you are a true believer or just like this topic for entertainment, psychic readings can be fun and exciting to try. Look up a credible psychic who does virtual or phone readings in your area or checkout a well known psychic on YouTube. You can find free general readings there on love life, career, health, and more. A few popular readers are Tyler's Tarot, Kelley Rosano, HighVibrations, or Rich Lopp. If you want you could take an online psychic quiz to test your own psychic abilities or purchase your own tarot card deck online and have a tarot card reading with friends or family.


You can stay in and watch the Harry Potter series on a loop. Which actually is fun for me and several others (don't judge)...but you could try some of your own magic at home too. There is of course levels to "magic" and some people consider it a more in depth practice. My opinion is to skip the dark magic and keep if light and fun, just some illusionist tricks with cards or something, maybe a magic kit with multiple tricks and props. Have fun!

Puppies, Kittens, & Birds...Ohh My!

Gotta love the fluffy, feathery, furry, fuzzy, scaly, feathery buddies.


Oh yess, your little fluffy one surely is happy you are at home more often. He or she is expecting more from you..more walks, and treats, and belly rubs, and cuddles..okayy?? So that is just what you'll have to do. Spend more time with your pets and love em up!


You may have ceased your grooming during quarantine lol but make sure your pets are getting their baths, hair brushed, maybe trimmed, teeth brushed etc. You have the time to do a little pampering. Maybe a doggie spa day. My Pomeranian niecey, Gemma, loves her massages, paw moisturizers, and pet-safe fragrance mists.


Maybe you can teach an old dog a new trick. Try it out and see. If you have a younger puppy or pet take time to potty train him/her or teach the basic commands.

Get The Hell Up Or Catch Some Zzzz

Depending on the person- you may either be getting too much shut eye or not enough. Assess your sleeping habits and patterns and see if you can make a few adjustments to create a healthier sleep schedule.


Be more productive by making use of the hours in each day. If you are sleeping 10 or more hours a day everyday, that may be a bit excessive..unless you are ill. Fatigue and abnormal sleep patterns could be a sign of laziness or an underlying medical issue to take seriously, like depression. The best sleep number is 7.5 hours but anything between 6 and 9 is great!


If you have been restless, always up moving around or being an at-home workaholic, it is time to get some rest. Sleep in! Take a nap! Give yourself ample mental and physical recovery time. I was having trouble sleeping at night and I found out it was because of all the ambient light and screen time. You will need some breaks from virtual world so to speak. Try turning off all lights and electronics at bedtime. Keep your cell phone out of your bed and away from your head at night. If you need some type of sound to fall asleep consider a fan, soft wind chimes, a small fountain, or keeping your window cracked open to hear nature.

Beauty, Makeup, Dress Up!

Nope, you aren't too old to play in makeup and dress up for fun.


Would you like crystal gel? (*Anjelah Johnson voice). Set up your own in-home nail or hair salon. If you don't have as many family or friends around to do this, simply give yourself a new hairstyle or manicure your own nails. I dyed and conditioned my hair then blow dried/ straightened it. I also gave myself a new nail color change!


Soak in a hot bubble bath, try at-home Hydrotherapy (hot or cold shower, ice bath, steam, swim in the pool, etc), or get a loved one to give you a massage with essential oils ( whoever is the massage therapist- *wash your hands beforehand of course). You can also bleach, shave, or wax unwanted hair.


Start a new skincare regimen! You can try out a new face mask or exfoliating scrub. Make your skin moisturized and feel baby soft. For makeup, I recommend Fenty beauty products but there are also other wonderful products from Sephora and MAC. Create a makeup tutorial for fun and show people a stunning new makeup look.


Trust me, you are never too old to play with make up or dress up! Dress up for a pretend red carpet event and take pics! Do a friend's or a family member's make up for fun. Dress them up to create a whole new look. You could make it into a makeover challenge or contest, recreate a celebrity look, or try something more dramatic like drag makeup or painting up your face like a movie character.

Get Clean & Organized!

You know all of that housework you said you could not get to before? Well, now you have almost all the time in the world it seems, so get to work. Cleaning is not the most fun on this list but it is necessary, and you will feel both accomplished and have peace of mind once you've finished.


Clean out from under your bed, the closets, and cabinets. Trash old, un-fixable, or unused items. Box up items that need to be stored for the season or bag belongings that can be donated to people in need. Organize and create order in your living space. Just get all of that clutter out for a fresh and lighter feel that can help reduce anxiety and improve your quality of life.


The concept of Spring cleaning honestly can be applied at any season...and should be done at least twice a year. You know, when you complete a deep cleaning to reach all corners, every square inch, of your home thoroughly and also ridding yourself of anything that is not useful, aesthetically pleasing, sentimental, or valuable. Take this time to deep clean (using anti bacterial's and disinfectants) and to also implement regular daily and weekly cleaning routines if you have not already.

Flip This House!

This time can be used to make a few aesthetic changes, repairs, or upgrades to your place. Flip it, make it better, increase it's value!


Hey Mr. or Mrs. Fix-it. Fix anything that is broken in your home... a door, towel bar, an appliance. Whatever it may be. If you are in an apartment, submit a maintenance request to get your place back into the condition it was in when you first moved in.


Designing and decorating is much more thrilling than cleaning or repairs. Become your own personal interior designer. Bring out your creativity and revamp your home. Add some flair and change your curtains or bed coverings. Add accents around your home using plants, pillows, wall hangings or paintings.


This could be a smaller project like repainting a room a different color or installing shelves... Or this could be a BIG home makeover project like finishing a basement, building a patio, or hammering down a wall to make a larger bedroom or a huge recreation space. Home projects can be timely and expensive so I suggest planning before you get to work.

In-Home Movie Theater!

It is movie night y'all! What do you want to watch?


There are over one million movies in existence. So take your pick. Watch an oldie-but-goodie, your favorite movie, something new, or something you haven't seen in a "loooong time". You can turn your living room into a mini dine-in cinema with popcorn and all the other delicious movie treats and dishes.


TV shows can be like potato can never have just one. SO in this case, watch several! Stream on popular services like Netflix, Starz App, HBO, Amazon Prime, or HULU. You may just get hooked on your next favorite series.

Comedy Show!

Who doesn't need a good laugh right now. Bring a smile to your face by watching hilarious online comedy.


Comedians are taking their work, not on the road right now, but to the tube and on the web. SNL (Saturday Night Live) has been showing material created by the cast at their own homes! Check out comedians hosting shows and doing stand-up on platforms like Instagram (live) and Facebook. You can also see some of the greats like Dave Chapelle or Eddie Murphy on Netflix.


Tell a few of your own jokes. Create stand-up material and practice performing it for friends or family. Perform for others online. Create an audition tape, just keep the jokes coming! The world needs laughter.


Being a little prankster can be humorous...just don't get out of hand. We don't need anyone getting hurt, having to go to the hospital, and then risk getting sick- on top of injury. You could make a viral prank video or...depending on who you prank, the joke may end up being on you so prank with caution.

Indoor Romance & Bedroom Fun!

For many couples, staying at home more hours a day can turn into fights and disaster...But amid the increasing rate of divorces and breakups, you two can beat the odds by becoming stronger and a more connected pair.


Communicate more, cuddle, get intimate, show passion, share inner thoughts. This can be a great time to enhance your relationship chemistry. This includes doing more things together, improving communication, building trust, but also giving each other space when needed and listening to each other's needs.


A few fun at-home date ideas are:

Paint and sip, indoor mini golf or bowling, couples trivia, card games or board games, craft-date (make jewelry, mugs, or T-shirts for each other), movie night.


A few romantic at-home date ideas are:

Backyard picnic, make dinner or dessert together, candlelight dinner, write each other poems, ask each other intimate questions, rose petal bubble bath, shower together, hot-oil massages, romantic bonfire (or fireplace), star-gaze or watch the sunset, breakfast in bed, buy each other gifts, plan for your future as a couple.


Time to get saucy, spice things up a bit and try something you would not normally do like be spontaneous, role play, strip tease, pole dance, lap dance, new location, new position. *Wink, wink

Dating & Matchmaking!

Okay singles, if you are looking for love or are at least open to should put yourself out there to meet people. Online dating does have high success rates just as long as you select credible sites and apps and are being safe and guarding yourself against predators or scammers.


There are numerous online speed dating events being hosted online. Check a few out by searching for speed dating in your area. If you have any single friends, try it with them. Who knows maybe you'll meet someone special to make the experience even more worth it.


A few popular sites are Zoosk, Elite Singles, Silver Singles, Match, eHarmony, Black People Meet, Christian Mingle. There is a monthly fee for most but you will have access to view profiles for tens, maybe hundreds of potential partners. -Talk about options.


A few popular apps are Hinge, Bumble, Tinder, Plenty of Fish, Coffee Meets Bagel. Not all dating apps are the same so do a little research first and know if you are looking more so for something casual (fling, hook-up short term) or for something more intimate and long-term.


A lot of people are using social media to spark relationships. Often they are initiated using direct messaging after someone views your profile or images. Might seem kind of surface-level or superficial, but be open-minded. You may find a connection that could turn into a deeper relationship, networking opportunity, or a friendship. If you are serious about dating, I'd recommend DM'ing as a secondary (or last) option and try the previous options first.


DON'T. YOU. DARE. DO. IT. This is your warning, your sign from above, your divine intervention. It ended for a reason you know. Boredom is not a good enough reason to go back to toxicity and someone who disrespected and mistreated you..& stay off their IG or FB please.. there are MUCH BETTER things (and people) to do.

Your Success Is In Your Hands!

You have the power to set yourself up for success. Create a better future for you and/or your family by making smart choices now.


Plan and create both long term and short term goals for yourself. Determine what you need and what you want to accomplish and think of what you can do to get there. Work a little each day to reach those goals.


Budget and save of course but also consider ways you can increase your wealth over time with investing in real estate, stocks, bonds, IRA, 401k or other retirement plan options, etc. Learn more before investing and be smart with your money, invest the appropriate amount and make sure the timing is right.


If you need to, sell, downsize, liquidate, cut expenses. Do what is needed and save as much as possible. Make all of the necessary adjustments in this current market to keep yourself afloat.

Help Out!

Do your part to help out. It can be something big or small.


Watching the news can become depressing if that's all you tune into. Don't cut out news-watching completely. Try to stay up-to-date on what's going on in the country as well as your state and local area. The news, after you filter through at times, has important information. These updates will help you stay informed on what to do or not to do during the Pandemic.


Unfortunately there are still people struggling, people sick and homeless. Just because the pandemic occurred does not mean all other illnesses and problems the world faces have been put on hold. If you can afford it, maybe donate to homeless foundations or donate masks. Find a cause that resonates with you or touches your heart then give what you can. My charity of choice is the Clara Lionel Foundation.


Show your support of essential workers by offering to send or drop off food to hospitals, by tipping delivery drivers, by leaving positive reviews of workers, or sharing beautiful stories on social media of everyday heroes working on the front lines for the Pandemic.


If you are sick, stay home. It is that simple. Think about others and not just yourself. Follow stay-at-home state orders. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has issued a statement that COVID-19 can be passed on to others by persons who have no symptoms at all. Until we have more knowledge and a vaccine, the best thing to do is be cautious and safe. Stay home and wear masks if you have to be in public places. Now is not the time to be selfish, but instead to be considerate of our fellow Americans and their health/lives.

Positive Mental Health Techniques, Support, & Training

As people make major changes in their lives as a result of the Coronavirus, there is a huge impact on everyone's mental health. Be cognizant of how you are thinking and feeling. Take the necessary actions to maintain positive mental health.


This is a prime time to just sit with yourself and reflect. See where you are now and envision where you want to be. Know that you can achieve your version of greatness with patience, consistent work, and a positive attitude. See what you could have done better in the past and choose to do better moving forward. This may mean you cry, scream, laugh at yourself, it's okay. You are reflecting, learning, healing, and growing from your experiences.


Meditation is medication they say, and it truly is. Practice on your breathing to bring more oxygen into your lungs and to your brain, reducing anxiety. Stretch your muscles to bring more elasticity to your body and to reduce muscle tension.


As fun as it is to try something new, it is also important to keep some normalcy. This way when you emerge from quarantine you won't feel as uncomfortable or drained making the transition back to regular operations. No need to make things more challenging on yourself by allowing yourself to regress.


Set up regular therapy or counselling sessions to help you get through OCD symptoms or depression while being at home all day. It is beneficial to have someone to talk to, helping you heal and to sort through your past and current issues.


Sign up for support groups online and talk with people who can relate to you. There are support groups for domestic violence victims, alcoholics, recovering drug addicts, abuse victims, trauma recovery, and more. If you feel hopeless and like you may do something to hurt yourself or others seek immediate help. You're not alone. Confidential help is available for free. Use the Suicide Prevention Hotline if needed 1-800-273-8255.


You are one-of-a-kind, amazing, and deserving of love. I had to write that just in case you forgot. Everyday you should love yourself, even when it's tough, work through it. Combat self-hate and negative thinking by speaking and/or thinking of Self-love affirmations Give yourself praise and encouragement to powerfully seize each day.


Sometimes what is best is to have time to yourself or time away from people at home. Give yourself that time if you need it and give others that time if they need it. Space is healthy and so is time spent with yourself. Lock yourself in your room, go for a walk, sit in your car, etc.

Knowledge Is Power!

Pump up the Brain volume (metaphorically speaking) time for new data, concepts, ideas, and knowledge. Become an intellectual Quarantiner.


Companies are hosting free virtual classes of specialized topics to the public. The company you work for may also be hosting virtual training for employees only that you should definitely partake in. Keep in mind that most people must pay for instructed learning so take full advantage of what's provided for free.


Learn something new! Attend online college, study for med school, law school, PHD, Grad school, a Trade, a certificate, or any other degree. Use the time you have wisely to put yourself in a position for career advancement.

Become A Gamer!

Take your pick, hell, pick several. The gaming world is fun and there is so much to choose from to keep you and your friends and family engaged.


There is hearts, spade, Rumi, go-fish, UNO, puzzles, darts, checkers, chess...and then board games like Clue, Life, Monopoly, Sequence, and many many more. Make at-home time super fun with loads of games!


Here is the 2020 List of the Best PC Games. Try them out and play with friends online. You can also find free computer games for girls here You could even use XBOX or PlayStation 4 to play the 20 most popular video games. Enjoy!


Use Gaming Apps to host a game night or check out this page to see steps of how to play games through Zoom. Another way is to sign up to a game site and take turns using screen sharing. Some people say Zoom is not the most secure option, so for more security you could use FaceTime, Signal, Jitsi Meet, or GoTo Meeting.

Let The Church Say, Amen!

Getting closer to God is something sacred. Build your relationship with God, strengthen your faith.


Attend meetings and live religious services to show your praise and devotion. Speak with others who share your love of God. You can watch online recorded services, religious movies, listen to sermons, gospel music, or recordings of bible verses, and also watch testimonies of God's work.


Pray more, speak to God, be still, be quiet and listen. Ask for help, for forgiveness, for love, for guidance...Say thanks. Be grateful for being alive, for your vigilant for the signs and ways God communicates with you through nature, others' words or actions, or through unexpected thoughts or dreams.

Family Time!

"Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten"

- Lilo & Stitch


Have dinner together, watch movies, play games, talk and get to know each other better, be each other's support system. This period can be a time to grow closer to family and to make both unforgettable cherish-able memories.


Care for the elderly and for any unwell family members. Be there for support and assistance. If you are the person's primary care-giver, have patience and be nurturing and understanding as best as possible. Give yourself breaks when needed. Whether you receive the appreciation you deserve or not, you should know that caring for someone with a disease, disability, or mental illness is challenging. The world needs and is fortunate to have people like you. It is hard work, so Thank You for being there to care for your loved one.


Give someone a "how ya doing" phone call. If you have not heard from someone in a while just do a check in. If you prefer text, do that, but reach out to family and stay connected.

Fix What's Broken!

Do not come out of this quarantine wearing that same ole broken watch or carrying a phone with a cracked screen. If you have the extra funds, fix it.


Broken phone case? Fix or replace it, Fix your jewelry clasp or your laptop screen. You can do it yourself by ordering the right parts (if applicable) and searching how to repair each item.


Apologize to someone, eliminate the grudges, fix a broken heart and repair broken relationships with people that you want in your life. Speak those unspoken words, speak your truth, explain, tell someone you love them or your forgive them. Do something to build back trust. Listen to someone and be open to hearing them divulge information to you. This is a time for healing all around.

Write Away!

Make magic with your words. Write something special that will entertain, bring a smile to your face, or that will help others when they read it.


There is so much to write and I love writing so I will list a few other ways you can write something personal here: Songs or Poems, Diary Entries/Journal, Birthday Cards/Postcards.


Write a series, develop a show-stopping manuscript. Writing can be therapeutic and who knows maybe stay-at-home orders will make you a famous play-writer or best-selling author.


Start your blog or article today! This can be a creative outlet, a way to boost your writing skills, and to reach tons of people with your words. Pick an intriguing topic and put your pen to paper...well, fingers to keyboard.


Submitting accurate and honest reviews or surveys can really help other before they purchase a product, use a company's services, or eat food from a certain restaurant.

Virtual Reading Rainbow!

Read a book, people. I hope this is not played out, because reading is so beneficial and can be fun. Start reading more during this time at home.


Joining a virtual book club can be an opportunity to discuss a great read but to also meet new people with similar interests. Find a virtual book club on Facebook Groups.


You have time now to sit down with a good book and actually finish it from cover to cover. Pick something you haven't read yet that will help you, teach you, inspire you, touch your heart, thrill you, or take you on a whirlwind adventure!


Reading to or with your children or younger siblings can be a wonderful bonding experience. Spend time reading to kids to keep minds learning and evolving. Make this a teaching moment about the importance of washing hands or how viruses are contracted.

Get The Support & Guidance You Need!

Enough said. You want help, you've got it! Visit the IRunMe Coaching page to book a session.


Get help to...Start A Weight loss Journey, Implement Boundaries, Strengthen Relationships, Recover From Toxic Connections, Boost Self-Esteem, Set Personal Goals, AND MORE!

Stay Safe, Stay healthy...

We are strong. In unity, we will get through this together!

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