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The Struggle: Obesity & Why Skinny People Shouldn't Judge

It is no shocker that obesity is an American epidemic. Millions of people struggle with removing the extra pounds and some develop more serious physical and psychological problems because of their condition. Most obese individuals are not obese because they want to be. It happened due to one or more reasons. It can be easy to say to a heavy person"just stop eating so much" or "just go for runs" but unfortunately it is much deeper than that, and to "just do" something is not as easy as it sounds. In fact, it is extremely challenging for some. Below are the primary reasons for obesity & why people shouldn't judge.


  • Pregnancy-related weight gain

  • Diet changes during bouts of depression and low self-esteem

  • Genetics (i.e. slow metabolism, poor digestion, etc)

  • Emotional eating or food addiction to cope with trauma

  • Lack of physical activity due to injury or illness (physical or mental)

  • Parents enabled an inappropriate or unhealthy relationship with food from childhood





I have always dealt with fluctuations in my weight. I have gone all over the spectrum as an adult from 150 to 320. For me, it has been a combination of a few of the above reasons, but I think mostly a struggle to maintain healthier ways of coping with stress and trauma. I was in a long term abusive relationship in which I gained 100 pounds. People do not realize how challenging it is to recover once you have gained that much. Healing from abuse or trauma is HARD but not impossible. I already have a larger, curvy frame, but I found out it does not take much for me to gain weight on top of that. If I get stressed and binge eat's over for me...I can expect a few more pounds to appear and to stay. So, I had to evaluate my habits, break everything down, and build a foundation in which I am mentally healthier and have a better relationship with food. I may have to work much harder than others to get and stay lean but it can be accomplished. It truly is about small steps of progression and daily healthy choices. Don't get discouraged when results don't happen quickly. It takes times. I shoot for 1-3 pounds a week.





As a child, I was active, but chubby and an emotional eater. I was friendly and had friends but did experience bullying from older family members and kids at school (mostly boys). I often became insecure and sad because of it. Bullies of course have their own personal issues and healing that needs to take place, but it won't stop me from screaming out "it is never okay to bully and make fun of an overweight or obese person!" It is much more effective to the world to be positive and encouraging. If someone vocalizes wanting to slim down, share your weight loss experience or offer to work out with them or complete a nutritional challenge with them. Obesity is often a sign of underlying issues for the person and negative comments about his or her looks is counterproductive. Be helpful not harmful!

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