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How To Start Your Journey of Self-Love: Body & Health

You know you need to change something. You don't feel completely happy or fulfilled. The truth is, you won't feel any better until you begin to prioritize your health and well-being. I have been in your shoes, and even today I am not where I want to be, but the fact is that I choose to love myself more each day. I appreciate the parts of me that are beautiful and accept the parts that are flawed while working daily to change what I have the power to change. Right before starting my body & health journey a good friend of mine said to me...

"Take a deep breath..and remember who you are. You are divinely made and you are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress simultaneously."

Use this to inspire you too... to think positively and jump-start your journey. You are strong, capable, and if you have read up to this point, you are ready for your own self-love body & health journey! #irunme #selfevolution #weightloss #bodyhealth #selflove #fitness #nutrition

Below is an excellent

5-Step process

to get your tail in gear and on the path to a healthier you!





Step One: Get Your Mind Right

For many of us it was the mind that got us into this mess, whether that was in the form of making excuses for not exercising or maybe going through depression and eating too much take-out. Whatever the case, it is crucial to change your mindset and become both enthusiastic and focused on improving yourself physically. Self-love affirmations can help you to acknowledge the great person you are today and keep you out of the "Dark Place". That is a place our minds go to from time to time that keep us from reaching our fullest potential by means of self-doubt, fear, and insecurity.

Check Out The Best Self-Love Affirmations Here!

If needed, start this journey with a friend or family member to keep you focused. If you do not have either option, join me (Courtney Camille) on the IRunMe Self-Evolution body & health journey! IRunMe gives support, helpful advice, and even affordable exercise and nutrition plans! Since there is almost always an underlying cause for significant weight gain (usually underlying learned habits, poor mental state, or physical illness), it is a great option to search online for free or insurance-covered medical counselors or support groups. IRunMe provides self-love and lifestyle coaching also! Just know that you have options and whatever you decide, you are not alone in wanting to lose weight. There are millions of people just like you!

Another part of getting your mind right is determining your specific goals. It is easy to say "I want to lose weight" or be a certain size or shape...but I suggest thinking about your goals from a perspective of good health and lifestyle rather than appearance or vanity. For example, the main goal should not be to simply be thin or look hot, instead, make it a goal to be able to run a 5k without stopping, to take the steps to your 11th floor apartment with ease, to be able to fit comfortably into your favorite work clothes again, to not have your thighs rub together, to dance better, to be stronger, to lower your blood pressure, to increase your range of motion, or to be able to have increased energy to play with your children. Get it? The 'hotness' and becoming more physically attractive are just added bonuses and a result of your confidence building and hard work to reach the goal of living a healthier lifestyle.




Step Two: Pull Out Your Handy Dandy Notebook

It is time to write it out. You do not necessarily need a pen and paper. Use any device that works best for you to document both your goals and your plan of action. Your plan of action may consist of weekly workout schedules and/or specific routines as well as meal prep and daily calorie intake. You should be exercising 4-6 days a week and each week typically should be a little more challenging than the last. Keep in mind also that it is important to document what you are consuming, at least for the first several weeks, until you have developed comfort-ability with your new lifestyle. To make it easy on you IRunMe has created fantastic monthly nutrition plans and exercise routines for you. For details and orders simply email or get your First Month on SALE for Only $5.99 using the link below:

Step Three: Smile For The Camera

Do not forget to take a few photos and body measurements...and of course, record your starting weight. Photos are a great way to keep track of your progress. Sometimes the scale may show no weight loss but pictures can show if you really toned up or look slimmer. Do not rely solely on the scale; go by also how you feel and by how you look in the mirror and pics.





Step Four: Say Bye Bye To Temptation

All the junk food and tempting sweets have got to go. Clean out your cupboards, fridge, and pantry. Focus on ridding these areas of snacks like candy and fatty chips and of those processed items like frozen and microwaveable dinners. Keep it fresh and wholesome...and less is more. No need to overstock (unless there is a storm warning or a known emergency situation to prepare for). Purchase what you need for a week or two only. Vegetables and herbs are your friends as well as fresh fruit and proteins. Check out the IRunMe Body & Health Page for tips on the best herbs and their uses for health...AND for healthy snack ideas. The snacks taste sooooo good and are so good for you too!

HOT TIP: Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day...if you can reach a gallon, even better :-)

Step Five: Up & At 'Em!

You've got the words and the thoughts now it is time for the action. Let's get physical! Move as much as possible! The key is to find ways to be active that you can incorporate into your life forever. No quick fixes or super intense workouts for just a few weeks to lose weight. If you have more than 20 pounds to lose, the way to win is by changing your lifestyle, not by crash dieting or harsh short term weight loss practices. Start small and work your way up. Going for walks or jogs is a great way to start. Aim for the 10,000 steps or more a day. Some people like to do high speed exercises for less time and others like a slower to moderate speed during a longer workout session. Choose what is best for you. For example, I like to meditate, stretch, and do 20-30 minute Pilates in the mornings and then go for a fast-paced walk or a jog (30-60 minutes) in the evenings with 2-3 days of weight lifting a week. IRunMe can customize your routine based on your schedule and your specific needs!




For weight loss tips and self-evolution updates check out our Self-Evolution Body & Health page.

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